Why To Choose Grey Kitchen Cabinets

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Why To Choose Grey Kitchen Cabinets

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There is something peculiar with grey works; they are just perfect for kitchens. Some people may not like grey colour, though, but that depends on how they complement the surfaces with other colours. A kitchen that has everything being grey in colour can appear dull and depressing. Imagine having grey walls, grey floor, grey ceiling – everything grey. That may not transition well in your home. However, when you have one aspect of the home designed with grey, like the kitchen, – it can create a perfect look. A kitchen with grey cabinets, for example, is a great alternative.


Kitchen With Grey Cabinets

A kitchen that is adorned with grey-coloured cabinets along with other matching colours can be far from dull. grey cabinets tend to build anticipation for other things in the kitchen. When you enter the kitchen, and you encounter grey colour, you cannot wait to see other aspects like the floor, countertops, and backsplash. grey makes other elements of your kitchen decor to come out more perfectly. Rather than having a boring kitchen, grey will make it more exciting.

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Why Choose Have Grey Kitchen Cabinets

One of the reasons why you would want to use greycabinets is because the color does not show dirt as white does. White cabinets tend to be nice to look at; however, they show dirt easily. White cabinets have dominated the home design landscape for quite some time; however, they are a big drawback. Any smudge or stain or even droplet of liquid will stand out against white cabinets. However, greycabinets tend to be a bit more forgiving.

Also, grey kitchen cabinets don’t make space appear dark or heavy. When you want to make a statement on your kitchen design, you can go with black, however, that makes the space look dark or dull. Although dark cabinets are becoming popular, they aren’t the best option you can use. If you are possessed with black color, and you are worried the kitchen space won’t get sufficient light, you can go with grey.

Moreover, grey color on cabinets allows versatility. While some people may think grey is neutral or boring, it has many shades that you can work with. A bluish-grey, for example, is suitable for spaces that have cooler tones. French grey, on the other hand, has warmer tones meaning it can read almost love. With French grey, it pairs nicely with the warmer colors. There are other shades that you can utilize, depending on the colour of the other surfaces. And, most of the greys fit nicely with other colors such as purple and green.

Besides, having a kitchen with grey cabinets is great bacause they look good with different countertops. You have seen grey cabinets paired with solid surface and marble countertops – these two are popular choices for countertops. However, grey also pairs beautifully with laminate and butcher block, especially if you want a budget-friendly solution.

Another thing is that grey cabinets tend to stand the test of time. You have seen grey in most of the Scandinavian kitchens. These kitchens have a cutting edge when it comes to design. Although greys are not too trendy for the conventional or traditional kitchen designs, they still offer unique features, and they hold their own space when it comes to the contemporary kitchen world. So, if you plan to remodel your kitchen, you may want to think grey – it’s stylish, offers warmth, and stands against dirt.

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Modern Kitchen in Different Cabinet Shades

Grey was predicted to be a top kitchen trend in 2018, and today, it is faring well among the kitchen cabinetry colors. There are different grey shades that you may want to explore when remodeling your kitchen.

blue gray kitchen cabinets

• Blue-grey cabinet style

The good thing with blue-grey is that it satisfies even the most boring or neutral of palettes. It is elegant when you paint on kitchen cabinets, and even more when you pair it with metallic accents like gold or nickel. Blue-grey also appears nicely-looking when you combine it with complex floor tiles in dark or light colors. It also appears great when you complement it with the classic hardwood floor. Using a moody shade of grey color creates that cooling haven; it feels like the stormy morning you encounter on the coast.

dove gray kitchen cabinets with brick wall

• Dove grey for a modern kitchen

Dove grey is one shade you can use. It appears on the lighter end within the grey spectrum; also, it resembles a foggy morning sky or the wings of a dove.

When you have greycabinets, the color complements both dark and light colors allowing it to be an easy transitional shade if you have a light, airy kitchen not overwhelmed by white color. You may want to paint your cabinet in dove grey then pair it with something like a colorful appliance or a complex backsplash tile to give that unexpected contrast. Also, dove grey looks elegant with wooden countertops or marble, and if paired with silver and gold cabinet hardware, it makes a perfect look.

Image: RUE

green gray kitchen cabinets

• Green grey kitchen cabinets

If you are looking for a grey shade that can bring tones of nature, you may want to go with green-grey. It creates a calming feel and atmosphere within your kitchen, particularly when you pair it with other coordinating color tones like the tan, white, brown, and dove grey.

Image: Lisa Furey

greige kitchen cabinets

• Greige shade

Another shade you may consider is greige. This is an alternative way to have a kitchen with grey cabinets. It’s a perfect shade – coming anywhere between grey and beige. The kitchen design world welcomes the marriage of beige and grey – these are two neutral colors that have many expressions. Greige brings in a perfect canvas for different colors as well as patterns. It also looks beautiful on its own, especially when you coordinate it with neutral tones.

Image: Our Vintage Home Love

Charcoal gray kitchen cabinets

• Charcoal grey and white countertops

Charcoal grey is an ideal shade for people who want to have moodiness of black. It brings that feeling of being in dark and mysterious smoke. Charcoal grey offers an easy design canvas within your kitchen and pairs well with neutral and colorful tones.

When you pair it with seafoam green, navy blue, orange, or sky blue, you have a contrast and pop of color that is not only unique but also elegant. Also, you can use white countertops to finish off the decor. Since grey countertops arenot ideal in this case, white is perfect.

Elephant gray kitchen cabinets

• Elephant grey cabinet style

We all love elephants, who doesn’t? The elephant grey has a cool tone and appears natural. It offers a great look in any kitchen. You can paint elephant grey on walls to offer a cooling effect, and also on kitchen cabinets, pairing it with dark wooden or marble countertops. Better still, you can pair elephant grey with subway tile backsplash to get a classic combination.

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Styling Grey Kitchen Cabinets

It’s not easy when it comes to picking a color for the décor of a room. Before you can settle on a particular palette, you need to pick a style while also thinking about functionality. One thing with grey is that it’s very versatile. It can adapt to every space and style. A kitchen with grey cabinets will look stylish in a majority of situations and allow balance to dominate.

If you want to style your grey cabinets, you may want to think of other colors you use. You can pair grey cabinets in the kitchen with warm materials and colors. The thing with grey is that it can appear cold and austere when you compare it with other colors. A room like a kitchen needs to be warm as well as inviting, meaning that using grey alone can be tricky. What you need to do is pair it with some warm material like wood along with bold accent colors like red, orange, and yellow so that you squeeze out some cheerfulness.

Keep the kitchen palette neutral so that you allow the material to stand out. If you use precious materials to decorate your kitchens like marble or some kind of wood, it brings too much color, which is distracting. So, a good strategy is maintaining the color palette at neutral and letting the materials stand out.

You may also want to use light shades to have a bright and open appearance of the kitchen. Sometimes, you want your minimalistic-looking kitchen to be bright and appear spacious. If this is the case, using a dark shade like grey may not be your ideal option. Instead, opt for a lighter shade or paint the walls white to allow the décor to appear bright and airy.

Mixing grey in subway tiles offer a unique look. Today, having unique backsplashes is a trend in most kitchen décors. However, a standard subway tile seems to be the most timeless as well as an appealing choice you can get.

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Light vs. Dark Grey Cabinetry

To get a perfect hue for the grey kitchen cabinets, it will depend on your personal preference. However, the characteristics of the kitchen also come into play. For example, if the space appears small or it has limited natural lighting, using dark cabinets can make the kitchen have a minimalistic feel – it feels smaller and darker. While light shades tend to bounce light back within the room, deep, saturated hues will absorb light. So, light shades are going to amplify the brightness within the space. In small spaces, you want to opt for grey cabinetry and dark grey shades if you want to ground a larger room.

Warm vs. Cool Cabinetry Color

Grey may seek like a direct neutral; however, other colors like reds, blues, and yellows, deeply influence this color. The undertone or influencing color may make the grey color look warmer or cooler. For example, having a grey color that pairs with a blue undertone give a steely shade. Also, having grey kitchen cabinets pairing with red undertone gives a putty tone that’s similar to taupe. If you want to see how the different shades work within your space, you may want to tape paint chips having different grey shade close to each other on the wall. Try to examine those shades throughout the day – you will notice the variations in color. You can choose the shades that appeal most to you.

Painted vs. Stained Cabinets

When it comes to grey kitchen cabinets, you can choose between stained and painted cabinets. You can have painted cabinets that are covered within an opaque grey hue, or you can choose stained cabinets to carry a translucent finish, which allows some kind of wood grain to be seen. There are many variations when it comes to cabinetry painting and staining.

With painted cabinets, they bring in a crisp, even coloration. They are also easier to wipe down, but stained cabinets bring a textured appearance that tends to highlight the wood beneath. However, when you have a protective coating, you can make the stained cabinets to be easier to clean.

dark gray kitchen cabinets with white marble countertop and wood open shelves

Matching Cabinets to Countertops Hues

Almost any countertop color will look good with grey cabinetry. So your options for countertops may seem endless because grey works with almost any color. You may want to choose a splashy countertop color like aqua. You may also want to go for sophisticated monochromatic looks like the ones in stainless steel or slate. Also, natural stones like marble and granite can be a popular complement to the cabinets since the tone features greyflecks or veining.

Avoid using greybacksplash when you have a kitchen with grey cabinets. This is simply not going to work.

Image: Amber Interior Design

gray kitchen cabinets with wood island

Incorporating a Mix of Colors in Cabinetry

If you want to add interest to the grey cabinetry, you can consider using a two-tone look. This look combines two cabinetry colors within the same space. Since grey is neutral, it will pair well with every other color. Also, grey cabinets tend to work well with different wood tones. You can choose cement grey for your wall cabinets or stained mahogany cabinetry for the island.

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Adding Complementary Hardware

Within the kitchen design space, silver takes the first position in hardware colors used with grey cabinetry. However, other metallic finishes can also mesh well. When you have cabinetry with warm-tone grey, brass or gold drawer pulls tend to be very flattering, particularly if you pair them with matching sink faucets. Cooler grey tones and grey cabinets having a blue-ish hue look great when you pair them with traditional stainless-steel hardware. And this is how you create a modern kitchen!75059318 2312778685493208 2101136413983136337 n

Versatile and timeless – grey is the go-to color when it comes to interior designs. In addition to using it in furniture and décor, the favorite neutral color has become popular for kitchen cabinets. With different tones, kitchen cabinets painted grey can skew either cold or warm, thus allowing you to easily pair with different backsplash designers, appliance finishes, and countertop materials.

grey is a color with endless options in the kitchen cabinetry world. You can use it and pair it with so many colors. To get the right transition and appearance of the kitchen, you want to see what works and what doesn’t work. There are many elements you have to look at when you want a kitchen with grey cabinets. From the space of the kitchen to the countertop material to the colors of the décor to the hardware colors, – there are many ways you can work around with grey color.

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