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Terms & Conditions


Delivery balance required day before delivery if made by online transfer or card, if made on delivery a building society cheque or cash is required. Private cheques are not acceptable unless given 7 days before delivery.


Restocking charges will vary depending on supplier, this can range from 25% to 50%.

Damages to be reported within 3 days.

It is your responsibility to ensure the delivery address is ready and able to accept delivery of the product, in particular that there is space for any delivery vehicle to make the delivery.

All deliveries to your home must be signed for. In the event any product is missing from a delivery it MUST be reported to us within 24 hours for us to resolve the matter with the manufacturer and arrange a replacement.

Any deliveries will be arranged for an a.m. or p.m. slot.

Deliveries are charged at a standard rate of £25.


All Computer Aided Design (CAD) images you have been supplied with are only a visual representation of your bathroom and its products. They are not intended to be, nor are they, an exact likeness.


Start and completion dates are given in good faith and are based on the assumption that the previous renovation will be completed on time. However there are occasions when this is impossible due to circumstances beyond our control and in which case you will be contacted beforehand if a date cannot be adhered to. You can not cancel your order if we do not start on shown date.

Customers postponing start dates due to any personal reasons must give us 3 weeks notice prior to the start of installation. Payment for goods must still be made as dated on this agreement.

Please note it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the cold water mains supply to the house can be isolated as any extra work involved in replacing an internal stop tap would be a chargeable item as would the waiting time if the external stop tap needed replacing and it has been known the for water board to take a number of days to respond to an external problem

Measurements are taken from your original space and we cannot be liable for any changes in size caused by the removal or extensions which cause additional space e.g. lowering of floors, extending ceilings, bricking up a window etc. Should additional work be required due to these changes an amendment to the original quote will be required. You are required to inform us of these changes at least 7 days before install commences.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that existing materials being retained on site are looked after and not damaged or marked in anyway, we accept no liability or responsibility for damaged items. An example of this would be a customer retaining their existing flooring, in the event of any damage or marking we will not be held liable or responsible to replace or refund.

When installing a shower booster pump, pump manufacturers require a minimum of 50 gallons stored water to prevent the pump running dry. In the event you have insufficient capacity in your water tanks to support the use of your required pump we will quote to provide this additional capacity, if required, during installation. In the event you do not wish to have this work carried out, we will be unable to install the shower booster pump.

Any items not listed on the invoice are chargeable, please read through the invoice carefully and check with your designer to make sure you are in agreement.

Any labour not listed on the fitting sheet is chargeable please read through the fitting sheet carefully and check with your designer to make sure you are in agreement.

Occasionally we come across additional works that were impossible to detect on survey, this work would have not been included in the price agreed and so is chargeable. We all know no one likes extras but unfortunately we cannot account for every conceivable application in the event that extra work and costs are requested by the installers on site. Examples of this can include fuse board and electrical upgrades to comply with regulations, hidden pipework under baths, when knocking tiles off the plaster board may also come off and this will mean the room will need to be re-boarded this is a chargeable extra as it is necessary work.

Please make sure all wallpaper and carpets are removed as this will otherwise be a chargeable extra unless stated otherwise.

We always over order tile meterage by 20% due to cuts and breakages for which you have not been charged for, in the event of excess tiles left over we cannot issue a refund on the 20% extra ordered.

Shades of tiles may differ between those on display in the showroom compared your order as the batches will be different.