Here we believe if there’s one space in the home where getting the lighting right is absolutely critical, it’s the kitchen. To get the perfect lighting scheme, our designers consider your aesthetic aims as well as your practical needs, after all the kitchen is often considered as the hub of the home.


Plinth Lights

Plinth lights are a great way to add depth and character to your kitchen and can also be used for accent lighting, to highlight an element of a room which may otherwise be neglected by the eye. A warm colour temperature will create a flattering glow for the feature of the room, whether it is a work surface, cabinet or other feature.


Drawer Lighting

Drawer lighting is a functional convenience light which should be added to a design for ultimate ease of use. Our high definition LED drawer lights are a great added extra to illuminate pan drawers where additional light is often sought.


Under Cabinet Strip Lighting

Create a continuous run of unbroken lighting by using a LED strip light that provide a continuous run of light with no breaks to create a flood of lighting onto the worktop perfect for any food preparation area.