How To Update A Small Kitchen

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How To Update A Small Kitchen

furniture for updating a small kitchen

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals for my family, prepping snacks for the kids, and even just hanging out. Many of the apartments I’ve lived in had a small kitchen with enough room for only one person at a time. In a household with a busy lifestyle that just doesn’t work. Here is a list of the best tips on how you can update a small kitchen so that it functions well and feels great.


Tips for a small kitchen

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open shelves in a small kitchen

Make It Brighter

Some of the places I’ve lived had no window in the kitchen and a cheap light hiding behind thick yellow plastic. Sounds familiar? The visual effect of a workspace greatly affects how we feel, so it is important to make sure your space feels great. Here are some ways you can make your space brighter and update a small kitchen like yours.

  • Add Track Lighting– There are many affordable options for adding small strips of lights under your cabinets. If there is no room for light strips, consider puck lights or light ropes that will fit any space.
  • Paint The Cabinets– A lighter color is usually the better, but if you have an idea for a bold scheme, do it. Your kitchen is a great place to try a fun and quirky design.
  • Hang Up Some Art– I have a framed photo of a lighthouse with a distant sailboat in the place where my kitchen window should be. That depth gives a feeling of open space in the most cramped corner of my house. Otherwise, think fun and uplifting.
  • Music– Do you dance with your mop? I do! A rocking Bluetooth speaker can really improve the mood.
wood surface in a small kitchen

Get Organized!

  • Get all non-kitchen items out– that goes for mail, bills, dog bowls
  • Create Stations– Reduce cross-traffic by putting everything for making coffee in one area
  • Shelving– Get creative with shelving. Rolling serving carts are great
  • Minimize The Gadgets– A stick blender fits in a drawer
  • Get Grilling– A small outdoor electric grill will take some pressure off the kitchen space
cooker and sink in a small kitchen

Open It Up

  • If you own your house and can afford it, consider knocking down a wall. Creating an open floor plan can be a great investment. With one wall gone, could you put in an island and work while facing out? As an extra bonus, demolition work is a great way to relieve anxiety.
  • Remove some or all of your cabinet doors. This allows you to look at all of your dishes and cooking gadgets without swinging every door open and shut 3 times. Installing cabinet doors with glass windows is another great option.

Image credit: Jenny Wolf Interiors

big french door

Simple and Cheap Ideas

  • Change Your Fauctet– A gooseneck faucet makes things so much easier.
  • Change your Shelf and Drawer Liners– clean light colors
  • Put In a Rug– A long runner rug gives the illusion of more space.
  • Update Your Hardware– Drawer handles, light switch plates. Find vintage at your local building salvage or recycling.
  • Hooks for Towels– Magnetic knife holders are great too.

There is no way to stop the endless stream of dirty dishes or hungry tikes. What you can do is make your time spent working for your loved ones more enjoyable. When you update your kitchen, any change makes things feel fresh. Your small kitchen is a source of goodness for your whole family, it should bring joy to the cook as well. These were some great and special tips you can apply. But if you want to know more, check out our category full of kitchen ideas to inspire you!

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